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Why do I need in my Webshop or Service Portal?

A truly successful Commerce platform is the heart of your ecosystem. creates and links clickable drawings to all your relevant, web-based systems: internal and external.
Whether it concerns your Webshop, the Service portal for technicians, or a Help system for all your end users.

Offer your visitors the certainty of selecting the right parts

Selecting the correct part from a drawing – such as an exploded view – is much easier than selecting from a list of photos or a list of part numbers. Not to mention entering a multi-character part number into a search system.

With, your visitors click through drawings while additional part information is displayed. This gives them maximum certainty when ordering or requesting information for the right parts.

Reduce returned orders

Research shows that a quarter of all returned products are due to incorrectly chosen products. Wrong, because products are not adequately shown, in lists with only photos, or only lists with product numbers and a brief description. By using original parts drawings, you make it a lot easier for the visitor to make the right choice. If these parts also become clickable, this will result in fewer incorrect orders.

Saving costs

It is well known that the greatest cost savings can be achieved by reducing the number of incorrectly selected parts. The costs of the logistics and workflow involved in a return shipment are enormous. Who doesn’t want to bring costs down? Make sure the correct parts are selected!  

Increase conversion

Increase your conversion rate effectively because visitors choose your Webshop as their preferred shop. Returning visitors are good for better scores, more mouth to mouth advertising and even more exposure.

Increase profit

More profit is made by reducing the cost of returned products. In addition, a good and simple selection system contributes to the pleasure and convenience that your visitors experience. A Webshop or Service Portal that users like to visit automatically attracts more customers. More customers, more sales, more profit.

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