The easiest Spare Parts Navigator
for Webshop and Service Portal

remove the uncertainty of the right choice,

and make more profit from your spare parts business

for wholesalers, manufacturers and aftermarket
  • select instead of scroll & search
  • easily added to your website
  • no order mistakes 
  • no costs for product returns
  • higher conversion, more profit
  • happy customers, better reviews

How to sell spare parts online

We believe that a quick selection of the right parts is crucial. Certainly to be successful in the parts industry. Wrong choices by users waste your valuable resources!

We also understand that getting your customer to choose the right parts is not easy. Long lists of texts and photos are not the best way to make a choice.

We’ve helped many organizations like yours with this solution: an easy-to-add solution to your existing website, keeping your business running. As a result, you continue to make sales while something very valuable is added.

Don’t miss opportunities, and don’t waste your time and money on wrong orders. Prevent customers from buying from the competitor.

Instead, enjoy more revenue, more savings, and more time for business improvements.

Increase spare parts profit, Better spare parts business

3-steps to better spare parts business:

Process drawings and parts lists

1 Import CAD drawings, bill of materials (BOM), existing documents, and those of your supplier into After automatic analysis and conversion, images and data are linked and ready to use.

Add the result to your website

2 Enter web link parameter, activate for your Webshop or Service Portal, and you’re ready to go. The part selector is shown via a slide-out tab

Enjoy better parts business

3 From now on, receive correct orders. Enjoy a website that grows into a conversion monster. Make more sales with returning customers and achieve even better ranking scores.

This is is the easiest way to select spare parts. This is due to the power of its intuitive, visual interface. This gives your customers the guarantee that they are choosing the correct part.

Your advantage: no wrongly placed orders, returning customers, and higher conversion. In short, more profit and more time to do business even more successfully.

Already more profit with

Do you also need PDF parts catalogs to go to print?

Drawings and data from the Bill Of Materials (BOM) are stored in a structured manner in This makes it easy to generate a well-designed PDF parts catalog with this information.

Layout rules are defined once, and each set of drawings with associated BOM data is simply published in PDF file format. Ready to send to your customer or make it available as a downloadable on your website or intranet.

This makes it easy to generate one complete parts catalog containing your CAD drawings and the drawings from your supplier. Beautiful, in 1 document and 1 layout! generated PDF parts catalog

already more than 75.000 catalogs and 20.000.000 parts imported into webshops

Learn more about improvements for your spare parts business

If you want to read more about spare parts business improvement, you will find that information in our Blog. Furthermore, there are several success stories from clients. Judge whether can make you more successful, sell more and save more time. 

Increase spare parts profit, Better spare parts business