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tablet and mobile with user interface / Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC)


49 Monthly*
  • Electronics Parts Catalog (EPC)
  • up to 4.000 clickable parts
  • full functional parts selector
  • works with any website
  • your own logo and colours


219 Monthly*
  • everything from 'Essentials'
  • up to 30.000 clickable parts
  • dynamic data connector
  • external resource linking
  • parts info in 3 languages
  • high end pre-processor
corporate bundle


add options that suit your business
  • ... more clickable parts
  • advanced API access
  • any number of languages
  • PDF publishing
  • tailor-made SLAs
  • outsourced processing

What if you want more?

We offer endless expansion possibilities. Gradually add options that fit your business. Additional languages, back office integration with ERP … You select what you need.

Expand number of clickable parts

  • 100.000
  • 1.000.000
  • or more…

Add extra information to your parts

  • quantity
  • material
  • color
  • colour
  • more…

Dynamic source data integration

Integrate dynamic data from external sources, such as price data from your financial system, or inventory data from your logistics system.

Multi locale

Add languages for multilingual websites.

Link to additional resources

Link parts to assembly instructions, 3D print files, spare-parts on-demand orders or anything else you come up with.

Use for multiple websites

Use your parts selector for multiple websites, with different brand features, product codes and product links.

Generate PDF parts catalogs

Define your formatting rules and publish formatted PDF catalogs from

Online support

No time for training videos and FAQs? Get 1-to-1 help deploying

Workflow management

Import and combine your drawings and bill of materials with multiple people from different locations.

Outsource conversion

No possibility to arrange import and conversion yourself or do you want to save time? With our offshore production facility we bring up to 10,000,000 spare parts/month online for you.

Billing FAQs

The subscription can be paid by bank transfer upon receipt of our invoice.

Our invoice also contains a link for secure payment by credit card.

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You have 60 days of free use to test and decide whether to continue with us.

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  • Hotspots are clickable areas on drawings
  • Columns are used to describe your products, like Position number, OEM number, Description, and-so-on…
  • Links can be used to link to external sources, for example to web help items, installation procedures, instruction manuals, 3D-printing files, video’s, and-so-on…

Yes, that’s possible! Whether you are a small business or a multinational, we have very high volume solutions, back office integrations via our API and custom SLAs tailored to your needs.

Consultancy and solutions that extend basic functionalities and spare parts volumes. Whether it’s adding workflow management or outsourcing the pre-processing of very large numbers of catalogues, we can help.

For more information, see: Corporate solutions

Yes, you can upgrade to a larger plan any time.

Yes, you can downgrade to a smaller plan at the end of your subscription period (month or year).

Please note that if you downgrade while using more hotspots than allowed under the smaller plan, you will have to choose which hotspots are no longer eligible for use.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription before the end of your subscription period (month or year). Take into account a notice period of 1 month.
If you have any problems or can’t access your account to cancel, please email us at

No, we believe that your brand should be the hero of every visitor experience!
You can add your own company logo and corporate identity color within your subscription!

(We do show our little “powered by” slogan. This allows us to keep subscription prices low.)

You get a personal secured environment. All connections run via a secure SSL connection. We periodically backup all your data so that it is never lost.

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tablet and mobile with user interface / Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC)

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