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reduce wrong deliveries

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  • Visually select parts on drawing/exploded view
  • On-line available 24/7
  • Easy to link with Webshops, service and dealer portals
  • Increased service efficiency
  • Less downtime: happy customers
  • Higher growth potential
  • Easy revenue with high margins
  • More business without adding staff
  • Reduced logistic costs

Unlock the potential of your spare parts business by using an Electronic Parts Catalog, or EPC.

Increase profits and make customers happier

Imagine making both you and your customers winners. Improve your spare parts services to create a situation where everyone benefits. Your customers want to be productive without interruptions, and reducing downtime is a big win for them. The key is to make finding, ordering, and getting the right part easy, benefiting your customers and your staff.

Forget about the old and mistake-prone ways of ordering parts with lists, drawings, photos, and frustrating phone calls. Say goodbye to expensive mistakes and the problems they cause. With a better system, you can avoid delivering the wrong parts and the stress that comes with it, making your business more satisfying.

Selling spare parts is a great chance to make more money. These items often have high profit margins, making them a good way to boost your organization’s financial success. By simplifying the sales process and making it easy to use, you can sell more, turning your organization into a successful and prosperous business.

To succeed in this competitive landscape, quickly and easily choose the right parts, available 24/7. Embrace this essential factor, and see your revenue grow, savings increase, and have more time for valuable business improvements. It’s time to unlock the untapped potential of your spare parts business.

Are you ready to take advantage of this opportunity?

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Discover the Power of for Your Spare Parts Business!

Are you ready to unlock the true potential of your spare parts business but find the process daunting and time-consuming? Look no further than!

We understand that your organization already possesses valuable information; it just needs to be transformed into an interactive Electronic Parts Catalog. Whether you have CAD drawings, exploded views, parts catalogues in PDF or on paper, or parts information in your ERP system, is here to revolutionize your operations.

Here’s how we make it happen in just 3 simple steps:

1 – Streamline Your Processes

Import your CAD drawings, bill of materials (BOM), and existing parts catalogues effortlessly. Additionally, integrate data from sub-suppliers seamlessly into Our automated analysis and conversion tools work their magic, linking and combining images and data to create a dynamic online resource.

2 – Empower Your Website or Service/Dealer Portal

No need for complex IT work! With, you can effortlessly incorporate our solution into your web shop or service portal. Just enter a web link parameter and activate Watch as the visual part selector becomes available through a convenient slide-out tab, enhancing user experience and engagement.

3 – Elevate Your Parts Services for Greater Profitability

Imagine your customers, dealers, and service engineers effortlessly finding, selecting, and ordering the correct parts for their unique configurations. With, this becomes a reality! Our platform provides multilingual support, ensuring a seamless experience 24/7, without your team needing constant support. Connect the ordering process to your logistics system, and witness the satisfaction of happy, returning customers. Plus, gain better references that propel the growth of your business.

Experience the satisfaction of a streamlined spare parts business, where efficiency and profitability go hand in hand. 

Join today and unlock the potential that awaits you!

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Our parts selector is the easiest Spare Parts Navigator for Webshop and Service is a fully responsive visual navigation add-on for spare parts Webshops and ordering systems.

In a highly automated process, you can convert spare parts catalogs (PDF) into clickable exploded views and publish these drawings in a layer on top of your Webshop, allowing your website visitors to order from a drawing, not a list.

Implement the add-on by simply adding a line of code to your Webshop pages, while leaving your Webshop functionality and structure untouched.

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