origin story

Our solution was born years ago out of frustration: the enormous time it took to create the first clickable exploded views. Those were the years of Triview Group. A large team of technical authors produced technical documentation for our customers. This was realized by one of our companies: Triview Technical Communication.

Because we absolutely wanted to be 2 steps further than what our customers thought possible, we provided interactive documentation, including clickable drawings. We made specific parts of their documentation accessible from the exact drawings of the machines and equipment that the documentation concerned.

Parts Catalog Generator

We started with our background and knowledge of publishing technologies. We developed Parts Catalog Generator, the predecessor of A program that generated 1 type of interactive output: clickable drawings, in which each clickable part was linked to 1 target. 

Web-based for both large and small companies

Doing business over the internet seemed to become the trend and society would change quickly. With that in mind, we started new developments. The main goal: web-based, and can be used by large multinationals up to the smallest webshops. Not a solution for local, interactive content, but a complete SaaS delivery platform.

Our customers needed to be able to use their content in no time with their existing systems and websites. No hassle with IT departments and no developer needs, but being online in one morning and always available.

All knowledge and experience from previous years are included in this SaaS platform. We packed it with the latest artificial intelligence and security techniques.


Hybrid system for demanding customers

A hybrid system is created for more demanding corporate customers. This enables the pre-processing of large numbers of catalogues and drawings using unique workflows.

Pre-processing takes place on-premise, on the customer’s infrastructure. The final result will be published to Ready for the visitors of interactive parts drawings.

Today …

And this is where we are now: a complete SaaS solution for Webshops and Service Portals.

Environment & Sustainability

The environment was not primary in our minds when developing Not that we didn’t care, but we initially saw a ‘technical’ problem that we had to solve.

Of course, we were happy to hear from our customers that they saw a massive decrease in order errors, which also meant a considerable reduction in logistics.

Then we realized that has a positive effect on reducing the number of movements of vans, trucks, ships and aeroplanes. In this way, helps to achieve the sustainability goals of your company.

In general, we are pleased to work for customers concerned with extending product life cycles. The future needs more maintenance, repair and use of spare parts.

‘Together for a better world’

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