origin story

Our solution arose from our own frustration years ago: huge amount of time it took to create the first clickable exploded views.

Parts Catalog Generator

We started with our background and knowledge in publishing technologies. We developed Parts Catalog Generator, the comparable predecessor of, and still in use by one of our customers.

Web based for both large and small companies

In 2018 we started developing all over again. The main goal: web based, for both large and small companies. Not a product that only generates interactive content, but a complete SaaS delivery platform.

Our customers needed to be able to use their content in no time with their existing systems and websites. No hassle with IT departments and no developer needs, but being online within 1 day and always available.

All knowledge and experience from previous years has been incorporated into this SaaS platform. We packed it with the latest artificial intelligence and security techniques.

Hybrid system for demanding customers

A hybrid system has also been developed for our larger Corporate customers. This allows pre-processing of very large numbers of catalogs and drawings using dedicated workflows.

Pre-processing takes place on-premise, on the infrastructure of the customer. The final result is published to Ready to go for visitors of their interactive parts drawings.

Today …

And this is where we are now:, a complete SaaS solution for Webshops and service portals.


Environment wasn’t in our minds at the time of developing Not that we don’t care, we just saw a ‘technical’ problem we needed to solve.

Of course we were happy to hear from our clients that they saw a huge decrease in order mistakes, which meant a huge decrease in logistics as well. We then realized that and will have a positive effect on reducing the number of cars and trucks driving around to deliver our customers’ products.

In general, we are very happy to work for clients whose business it is to extend product life cycles. The future needs more maintenance, repair and use of spare parts.

Lynkworx is a product of Lynkworx.

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