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In a highly competitive market, the margins of wholesalers and production companies are under pressure.
Solvisoft helps customers to be visible online with innovative and scalable webshop solutions. With E-OPS, Solvisoft offers an industry-specific webshop with relevant modules, which can be built up modularly so that the high requirements of the customer can be met at any time.

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A2 Doku GmbH is a technical documentation service provider formed in 2003, specialized in technical communication, technical translation and documentation development.

A team of experienced documentation engineers, technical writers, information architects, translators and DTP specialists create complex technical documentation – legally compliant, comprehensible and tailored to the target group.

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Propeller was founded with the aim of digitizing B2B sales and ordering processes. Propeller is an ecommerce platform including a PIM, order and quote editor, marketing automation, customer-specific pricing and self-service portal functionality.

Via the Propeller platform, all processes are brought together and digitized, reducing error margins and admin to zero.

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