finalist in Top-100 most innovative companies in the Netherlands

Dutch small and medium-sized enterprises play a pioneering role in making society more sustainable. That is not saying too much, as witnessed by the 17th Chamber of Commerce Innovation Top 100. This top list includes SMEs that have launched all kinds of successful, sustainable innovations on the market. finalist in Top-100 most innovative companies finalist in Top-100 most innovative companies finalist in Top-100 most innovative companies

Countless entrepreneurs embrace sustainability as a natural part of doing business. Good thing, too. They experience that they can strengthen their market position with this. There was a time when you ‘added on’ sustainability, often to create a good impression. After that, corporate social responsibility arose, which was based on a kind of compensation idea. Now sustainability is everywhere. We are moving towards CO2-free, zero-waste, zero-emission. And towards more diversity, fairer prices and better working conditions. Companies are also increasingly being judged on their contribution to these major tasks. Sustainable entrepreneurship is about innovation and opportunities. This way of doing business is in line with the challenges of today and those of the future. This is reflected in the 17th Chamber of Commerce Innovation Top 100. These hundred Dutch small and medium-sized enterprises, the engine of our economy, have brought successful and sustainable innovations to the market. In the Netherlands and across the border. Every year we are surprised by the diversity and quality of the entries. This year there were almost 350. The hundred enterprising men and women in this edition have a nose for innovation. Congratulations on making this beautiful list. On November 30, we will announce who will take over from Sustainable entrepreneurship is a process, it is never finished. By remaining flexible, companies can respond adequately to the constantly changing world and market. Moreover, the climate does not care about national borders. Natural disasters, hunger, drought: they affect us all. That is why collaboration is very important. Smart collaboration. We need to do that a lot more. After all, together we are stronger to pass on our planet sustainably.

Greet Prins, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the KVK
(translated from Dutch, copyright ‘De Ondernemer’)

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