The Changing Role Of Service Engineers

Part 4 of 5 of our most important insights for spare parts Web shops

insights for spare part webshops - pic 6

Most of our clients in B2B markets are selling to- or working with service engineers. One thing we found in our interviews was the changing role of these service engineers. 

Service engineers used to be specialists knowing all the ins & outs about a product or product range. Those times seems to be changed. With the ever increasing differentiation of brands, complexity of products and versions, it’s harder to keep up with all new developments.

From specialist to generalist

True experts in a small product range may no longer be what is needed for the job. As with many aspects of our ‘Google generation’, it’s the change from knowledge to knowing where to find knowledge

If you have experienced this change in your own company, ask yourself if this has any consequences for your Webshop. How easy is it for ‘generalist’ service engineers to find product information, and perhaps extra knowledge for repairs or maintenance? Can you somehow facilitate this with extra product information
like manuals? We are pretty sure they will appreciate it.