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You possibly already benefiting from our innovative layer. Behind the scenes, we’re constantly working on enhancements and expansions to optimize your experience with the layer. One recent addition we’re excited to share is the External Data Connector.

This new feature goes beyond the usual data sourced from spareparts.live. With the External Data Connector, you can now seamlessly integrate dynamic information from your back office, webshop, or service portal

Imagine displaying not just spareparts.live data but also crucial details like pricing or logistics information, such as the real-time stock status of spare parts, within the layer itself.

We’re committed to providing tools to enhance your capabilities and streamline your processes. The External Data Connector is designed to bring you even more value and flexibility, ensuring your visitors can access comprehensive and up-to-date information.

Where does the data connector's output appear?

The External Data Connector allows you to showcase data from another system in the details section that appears after clicking on a spare part. As you already know, the details section can be fully customized according to your preferences.

External Data Connector

Part of our corporate bundle

External Data Connector is available as standard in the Professional bundle for corporate use. If one connector is not enough, multiple connectors can be added to your subscription.

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