From parts catalog to visual navigation in your Webshop

Speedtest: from parts catalog to visual navigation for your Webshop

This video shows how easy it is to convert a spare parts catolog into visual navigation for your Webshop, giving your customers the easiest and surest route to the parts they need.

Everyone owning or involved with running a spare parts Webshop knows it is a time consuming process to get all the parts online, and keeping them up-to-date. Gathering every spare part catalog is key, as is bringing it’s contents into a Webshop that prevents order mistakes and optimizes the conversion process.

The answer to ‘time consuming’ is ‘speed’

When a process is time consuming, you should be looking for speed! And that is exactly what we’ve been working on at Spareparts.Live. By creating a highly automated process that turns any given spare part catalog into a clickable exploded view, which in turn can be used as visual navigation for your Webshop.

Speed is not just the answer to bring content to your Webshop, it also is the answer to keeping your product range up-to-date.

The endresult of speed?
Better navigation!

Turning a spare part catalog into a clickable exploded view and using it as navigation to your spare parts greatly improves your Webshop visitors’ experience. They can actually see the parts they want to replace in the exploded view of the product, instead of having to go through lists of look-alike-products or names consisting of 5-digit version numbers. Converting a spare parts catalog to navigation will give your visitors the easiest and surest route to the spare parts they need.

Spareparts.live: minimize your order mistakes and maximize conversion

Spareparts.Live offers a simple and highly effective solution to minimize order mistakes and maximize sales. Convert your spare part catalog PDF into visual navigation and connect it to the spare parts in your Webshop. Result? A user-friendly and nearly zero mistake navigation to any part in your Webshop.

What our clients are saying about our solutions

return shipments have been reduced

“Our spare parts return shipments have been reduced substantially… Due to the fast and easy implementation we were able to go live within a month from kickoff, and without any involvement from IT.”

Jaap van Gelderen
International Service Development Manager
Jacobs Douwe Egberts Professional

increase in traffic and higher conversion rate

“We are always looking at increasing our customer experience and the Spareparts Solutions just do that. We have seen a significant increase in traffic to our spare parts engine but, more importantly, a much higher conversion rate. This all leading to a huge increase of customer satisfaction.”

Jeroen van Drunen
Business Manager Spare Parts

improve service and reducing the costs

“We are absolutely delighted with the product. It’s not often you can dramatically improve a service while reducing the costs of that service…”

Mike Bergstrom
Technical Publications Manager

About spareparts.live

Spareparts.live is a fully responsive visual navigation add-on for spare parts Webshops and ordering systems.

In a highly automated process, you can convert spare parts catalogs (PDF) into clickable exploded views and publish these drawings in a layer on top of your Webshop, allowing your website visitors to order from a drawing, not a list.

Implement the add-on by simply adding a line of code to your Webshop pages, while leaving your Webshop functionality and structure untouched.

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