Customer case: Royal Reesink

Increased customer satisfaction and reduction in the number of incorrectly ordered spare parts

Royal Reesink activities

Royal Reesink is market leader as an international distributor and service provider in the field of high quality machinery, parts and services for landscape maintenance, internal transport, warehouse design, civil engineering and the agricultural sector. 

Hendrik Reesink started his one-man business in Zutphen in 1786, since we have grown and have now over 2,500 employees and dozens of subsidiaries around the world.


Why did you choose

Our functional requirements matched the functionalities that offers. There was also the option of doing the digitization in-house, but also of outsourcing certain activities. This was important in our decision-making process.

How does improve your company or processes?

Improving the first time spare parts ordered by our customers. Increased customer satisfaction. Reduction in the number of incorrectly ordered spare parts.

How satisfied are you with (1 … 10)?
The solution:

The solution is flexible and easy to use. I would give a 10 if instructional videos of the core functionalities become available. In this way it would be easier to train (new) colleagues in the use of the solution. (9)

The service

Always be open to discussion to further improve/optimize the solution. The team is flexible and customer-oriented. (10)

Jaap Kalfsbeek
Jaap Kalfsbeek

Director Business Development


Royal Reesink

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