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Language barrier and time zones are no longer an issue and the customer always gets the right part

Gröninger Cleaning Systems - tank cleaning

Gröninger Cleaning Systems is a global supplier, designer and manufacturer of cleaning systems and equipment. The company has been supplying complete systems since 1947, from turnkey units to complex turn-key solutions. Each installation is custom made and therefore has its own specific parts. To ensure that the customer can select and buy the correct parts, we were looking for a tool that makes this possible online.

We -at Gröninger Cleaning Systems- came into contact with A platform to make (PDF) exploded views interactive. This automatically creates a hotspot of each part. Customers log in to our portal where they can find the drawings of their installation.

After finding and selecting the part, the customer immediately arrives at the correct part in our Magento Webshop and sees the corresponding contract price. Afterwards it is possible to return to the exploded view to select other parts, or to complete the order in the Magento Webshop. Language barrier and time zones are no longer an issue and the customer always gets the right part.

Gröninger Cleaning Systems rates as “very good”. It is easy to implement. It has also turned out that is really a partner for questions or help.
The platform is also constantly being improved and expanded. This makes it more beautiful. Keep it up!

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A.J.M. Lauran

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Gröninger Cleaning Systems

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