Spare parts online sales?

Losing money or still going strong?

Covid has left much of us wondering how to continue business and/or reinvent ourselves. It is –let’s face it– no longer business as usual. As anxiety grows, so do mental and financial worries. Your clients are in doubt, orders might be cancelled and your spare parts online conversion might not be at it’s best.

spare parts sales and stock

There are three important insights that can help you improve your Webshop sales and can help you get back on track in the current situation.

  1. Yes, the costly solution that always works: change the (perception of the) price in some way: offer discounts, buy now-pay later, add a spread payment method. We’re fully aware this is never a long term solution but it keeps clients coming to your website for now.

  2. Remove as much of your client’s doubts as possible: If they might be willing to buy your spare parts online, don’t interrupt their choices with a Webshop where they have difficulty finding the right parts and understanding the information. When clients are in the process of ordering: don’t make them think!

  3. Described by experts as having perhaps the highest psychological impact on buying decisions: reviews & testimonials. If you don’t have any, incorporate the collection of reviews & testimonials in your business strategy, as soon as possible. If you already have them, show them near every decision point on your Webshop. There’s nothing more convincing than other people confirming your clients are visiting the best place to buy their spare parts online. a proven way to both minimize order mistakes and maximize sales offers a simple and highly effective solution to minimize order mistakes and maximize sales. In a highly automated process, convert your parts catalogs into clickable exploded views, connect them to your spare parts online and there it is: a user-friendly and nearly zero mistake navigation to any part on your Webshop.

With our spare parts return shipments have been reduced substantially, and this resulted in a return on investment of less than 2 months.

Due to the fast and easy implementation we were able to go live within a month from kick-off, and without any involvement from IT.

Jaap van Gelderen
International Service Development Manager

We are always looking at increasing our customer experience and just does that.

We have seen a significant increase in traffic to our spare parts engine but, more importantly, a much higher conversion rate. This all leading to a huge increase of customer satisfaction.

Jeroen van Drunen
Business Manager Spare Parts

This product is brilliant. At Elekta, using this solution, we converted a messy 1000 page catalogue, and fixed all the data errors in just a couple of days. We are now migrating all the catalogues worldwide.

We use it for our thousands of spare parts for our Linac and MRI products. Our customers are all internal, i.e. Field Service Engineers. We have saved ££££££s on time, efficiency and accuracy improvements. It’s not often you get a win-win solution.

Michael Bergstrom
Technical Documentation Consultant

Powerful software to easily digitalize our parts manuals. Makes it easier for our customers to order the right spare part(s) while minimizing the risk of ordering the wrong spare part. Keep up the good work with adding new functionalities to improve UX.

Jaap Kalfsbeek
Director Business Development
Royal Reesink B.V.

Very useful software to digitize parts books and make them interactive. With this software we had the advantage of easy CMS integration, more parts ordered through our website and less wrong parts ordered by our customers.

Rik Wassink
Online marketeer

This software makes it easy for our customers to use our old parts books online and order the right parts for their machines with just a mouse click.

Peter Langebeeke
President, Co-owner
Lely Turf Inc.

It’s true what they say:
If you can’t beat them, join them.”

Had the honor and privilege to implement the product and services a couple of years ago and we still benefit from the choices we made then as in today. Not only do they have the best product which is in continuous development, the level of service is outstanding and exactly what we needed. Keep up the Good Work!

Daniël Cornelies
Product Content Management

About is a fully responsive visual navigation add-on for spare parts Webshops and ordering systems.

In a highly automated process, you can convert spare parts catalogs (PDF) into clickable exploded views and publish these drawings in a layer on top of your Webshop, allowing your website visitors to order from a drawing, not a list.

Implement the add-on by simply adding a line of code to your Webshop pages, while leaving your Webshop functionality and structure untouched.

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