Enhancing revenue and customer engagement through interactive visual tools for spare parts selection

Enhancing revenue and customer engagement through visual interactive tools for spare parts selection

In today’s rapidly evolving market, businesses face the constant challenge of increasing revenue while ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty. One effective way to achieve these objectives is by leveraging visual and interactive tools to facilitate the selection of spare parts. This text explores how the implementation of such tools can have a positive impact on revenue growth and customer engagement.

Looking back: Spare Parts Management the next level

featured image: Looking back - Spare Parts Management the next level

We were guests at the Brainport Industries Campus in Eindhoven, where the SLF, together with spareparts.live and DiManEx, organised a meeting about spare parts management: how can you use digitisation to take your spare parts management to a higher level?

Spare Parts Management, the next level – 15 maart 2023

service logistic forum

Hoe maak je gebruik van digitale mogelijkheden als het gaat over spare parts management? Het SLF organiseert, samen met SpareParts.Live en DiManEx, een event waar de nieuwste digitale ontwikkelingen voor uw spare parts service gepresenteerd worden

spareparts.live finalist in the Top-100 most innovative companies in the Netherlands

spareparts.live finalist in Top-100 most innovative companies in NL

The Chamber of Commerce Innovation Top 100 shows what we are good at in the Netherlands: innovation! Entrepreneurs from Dutch small and medium-sized enterprises compete every year for a place in the ‘KVK Innovation Top 100’. The Chamber of Commerce encourages SMEs to grow and innovate. Spareparts.live is one of the finalists in this top-100!

Marketing & Spare Parts

insights for spare part webshops - pic 7

Marketing & Spare Parts. Part 1 of 5 of our most important insights for spare parts Web shops

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